What's Up With Post Alley



My clients are always asking about Schwabacher building, and the neighborhood. Over time I’ve gathered up a few good stories to share with them. This one is a great little nugget:


I spend quite a few writing days on the 3rd floor of 89 Yesler above Dai Ross studio. My perch looks out over Post Alley. One of the most photographed streets in Pioneer Square. About every ten minutes I scope out pro’s and amateurs along the brick walls. It is truly a gorgeous spot for fashion, headshots, and portraits. But a little known fact about this secretly famous ally is, The Man in The High Castle filmed portions of their first episode there. That’s right about a year ago we were walking back in time to 1962 in post WWII Nazi Germany for a few days. I still remember the shoot out scene. It was a little creepy and awesome to watch at the same time.


Next time you run out of things to talk about while shooting in Post alley off Yesler, share this little story with your clients. I’m sure they will be talking up their images, but that little story will be a cherry on top.