People of Pike Place Market/ Why Stories Matter

Dai Ross/ Chue

Dai Ross/ Chue

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I found myself profoundly inspired by an idea and the need to investigate a story about a year and a half ago. I was lucky that my desire to know more about the People of Pike Place Market, was met with equal enthusiasm from Patricia at Pike Place Market Foundation. Together we teamed up with Bob Baranski/Seattle Weekly to tackle these special stories. You don’t have to know the stories to sense that something very unique occurs in this magical place that draws 10 million people to it every year. But I promise the stories will enhance the magic you already sense about the place. I will soon share excerpts from my journey in discovering these stories.


From a business standpoint I discovered something incredibly powerful in storytelling. People are no doubt over stimulated and it’s an easy conclusion they are tired of being sold to. People crave connection. Good storytelling helps develop organic traffic to any business, authentically through word of mouth. After the first story, I started hearing the stories told back to me. And after the sixth story, they were all being told back to me on a regular basis as if they were new leads to exciting stories. I have a lot of pride in participating and initiating a series of stories that illuminated such a unique community. I’m stirring up the pot for new stories to tell.

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