Marketing Like the Crush You Can't Quit

Coffee Shop Love: Dai Ross

Coffee Shop Love: Dai Ross

Creating a business, you love can sometimes be the easy part with a start up in comparison to drawing in an audience. If you are like me, someone always putting new ideas out there, you will start seeing coaching related ads for building an audience. It can feel overwhelming trying to put all the pieces together and testing them on the market. A common occurrence I see across the board from small to big start-ups is what I call “distracted dating.” You are single therefore eligible for partnership, so you sign up for dating sites slap up a photo, fill out the content and interact with any interest. At the end of the day, you are not attracting anyone you are interested in, and the dating site phase fizzles out. Which is similar to many businesses trying to get content on social media sites but not getting the interactions they were hoping to gain.


A recent conversation about an incredible creative project was a common one. The client had excellent creative ideas to draw in an audience, but when I asked about the strategy for attracting eyes on the project, it became difficult to describe how that might work. Just merely putting them up on active social media sites, might not draw interaction. For so many businesses struggling with how to invest time in marketing strategies is common. Just trying to get anything out there can be a struggle. However, just merely getting content out isn't the most efficient use of resources and time.


So I came up with this scenario, imagine for a minute the biggest crush you have ever had. Now actually pause, visualize that person. Try to remember the behavior you had. Where did you show up, how often? Did you find yourself looking at her Facebook, find out what her favorite book was, then pass in the hallway at work with that book so you could strike up a conversation about it? Did you figure out what time He frequents the local coffee shop, so you can conveniently be there in your almost slightly too sexy for work outfit?


Good marketing is about actually thinking about that crush, who are they, what do they like, where do they hang out, how can you run into them? Then how do you find ways to share about your business so you can attract them?


Sometimes our online strategies for marketing look more like the guy in the back of a coffee shop hiding behind a computer screen waiting for someone to approach him, rather than the guy behind you in line at your favorite coffee shop who strikes up a conversation about how pretty the day is. Alternatively, our marketing strategies can look like the guy with bad breath who keeps awkwardly showing up in your social circles with a sign that reads, want to buy me coffee?


If you have invested in creating a business, or product that you love, get out there and find the love of your life! Market like you want "the one," not just an "anyone." Find out what your clients like and where they hang out.

If you are too busy or don't know how to do that, find someone who does. Your ideas deserve a fair chance!