NK Architects


The Client:

NK Architects is a leading firm specializing in  urban housing and Passive House design. Passive House design focuses on  superior comfort, indoor environmental quality, acoustics, and energy efficiency. Slashing building energy use by 75%. NK is located in the Pacific Northwest and Mid Atlantic regions.



The Project:

Image Branding

NK Architects were looking for strong  image branding that could speak to the talent and to the work of NK. We worked on their website imagery for their new look, and then paired that look with inspiring Passive House team shots and individual branded headshots for the entire staff.



The experience:

Coming up with strong imagery requires not only a good imagination with a platform of the client's mission in their business, but also thinking of clients as well as continuing to attract talent. Coming up with options for this imagery is a combination of creating the right setting with  light, space and people. Creating the website imagery is about a half day shoot and because we were working with such a creative and efficient team, the shooting was as efficient as their buildings. Not all businesses are created alike. Part of the joy of working with so many different businesses is adapting to their work style. For NK it was a pleasure to step into their business to create these images for them. Part of the bonus package to our work is being involved in building strong images and marketing support for projects deserving of that kind of showcase. The headshot experience with a team this size takes about two days. Most middle to larger companies factory through headshots onsite giving employees about 2-5 minutes in front of the camera. The results can often prove to be similar to school photos. We take a different approach to showcasing talent, by paying special attention to the lighting setup (currently natural light is trending), slowing down to let talent relax and then getting outside of the box, which I would almost say is untraining posing.